Erriff System

Permit required.
Flowing over the Aasleagh Falls, into the most eastern point of Ireland’s only fjord the River Erriff covers salmon, white, brown and rainbow trout. While predominantly a river fishery with nine beats; it has loughs available for later season fishing.

The River Erriff is 20 miles long and drains a catchment of 69 square miles of which the last 8 flow through a spectacular and very beautiful glacier-formed valley and it is here that the rod fishery is situated. It is divided into nine beats with a total of forty-eight named pools and streams. Beats take two or three rods and the total capacity of the main fishery is twenty two rods. After a spate, there is salmon fishing further upstream (above Srahlea Bridge) but it is not regarded as part of the fishery proper in low water. The river is characterized by the spectacular Aasleagh Falls waterfall near the ocean and a series of long deep pools, glides and streams.

The river is well developed and serviced by stiles and footbridges and access to the banks is easy. Wading is not necessary.

Fishing Glenawough, Derrintin and Tawnyard Loughs is also available. Tawnyard Lough is predominantly a white trout fishery with the occasional salmon. It has boats available with outboards. White trout arrive early July and has produced fish in excess of 8lbs.

Derrintin Lough has a boat and the bank fishing is both accessible and easy. It has wild brown trout and is stocked with rainbows. Glenawough Lough is a remote mountain lough which holds small wild brownies and char. An excellent lough for your zero weight rig and a float tube. Fishing is otherwise from the bank and when the wind drops beware of the midges!


  • Salmon 1 February to 30 September
  • White trout 1 June to 30 September
  • Brown trout 1 February to 30 September


  • 10am – dusk.

Fishing Methods:

  • Fly fishing with spinning
  • Worm and shrimp allowed by fishery rules for a short period each day.

Maximum Rods:


Average Weight:

  • Salmon: 9 lbs
  • White trout: 1 lb
  • Brown trout: 12 oz
  • Rainbow trout: 1 lb

Best Weight:

  • Salmon: 20 lbs
  • White trout: Catch and release only
  • Brown trout 3 lbs
  • Rainbow trout: 4 lbs

Rod Types:

  • Normal water – 9 – 13 foot single handed rod with 8/9 line
  • High water – 12 -15 foot double handed with floating and sinking tip lines
  • Spinning – 8 – 10 foot with Mepps and Toby spoons

Flies – Salmon:

Black Pennell, Hairy Mary, Shrimp Fly, Silver Rat Silver Doctor, Garry Dog, Stoats Tail and Thunder and Lightning

Flies – White Trout:

Connemara Black, Butcher, Black Pennell, Peter Ross, Teal and Silver, Watsons Fancy, Sooty Olive, Delphi, Bibio, Duckfly, Daddy, Silver Doctor, Green Peter, and Dunkeld

Flies – Brown trout:

Connemara Black, Watson’s Fancy, Fiery Brown, Golden Olive, Greenwell’s Glory and Black Pennell

Flies – Rainbow Trout:

To be advised

Lough Fly Sizes:

  • Salmon – 6 trebles to size 10
  • Trout – 10 to 12

River Sizes:

  • Salmon – 6 trebles to size 12 doubles with hook size decreasing on the higher beats
  • Trout – 10 to 14

Bag Limit:

See regulations below

Fishery Rules:

  1. Anglers must be in possession of a valid fishing permit and a current State Salmon Rod License. Anglers must fish in accordance with the provisions of the Fisheries Acts 1959 – 2000.
  2. A day permit allows fishing from 9.30am to 7.00pm
  3. Fly fishing only between 9.30am and 5.00pm.
  4. Anglers who have not caught a salmon on the fly are permitted to use worms between 5.00pm and 7.00pm on all beats, and may use spinners on beats 1 and 2 only.
  5. As a conservation measure for spring salmon, angling methods are restricted to fly only during April and May. There is a bag limit of 1 salmon per rod in the entire period 1st April to 12th May. Thereafter there is a bag limit of 3 fish per day with a maximum of 10 per season. September bag limit of 1 fish per rod per day.
  6. The manager will determine when spinning is allowed under high water conditions and under these conditions a daily bag limit may be imposed.
  7. Generally there is a limit of one fish per rod per day using worms. This limit also applies to anglers availing of spinning concessions on Beats 1 and 2. Any changes are at the discretion of the manager.
  8. At the discretion of the manager, prawn/shrimp fishing may be permitted between 5.00pm and 7.00pm during periods of dry weather. A bag limit of 1 fish per rod will apply in these circumstances.
  9. Use of gaff for landing fish is prohibited.
  10. Residents of Aasleagh Lodge and Aasleagh Cottage may after 8.00pm go on the beat allocated for the following day, using fly only. Early morning fishing, on the beat allocated, may be permitted under certain conditions but the managers permission must be obtained in each case before hand.
  11. Fish that are hooked outside the mouth must be returned alive to the water.
  12. The River Erriff is located in sheep country. Dogs are not allowed on any beat. Dogs are not permitted in Aasleagh Lodge or Aasleagh Cottage or in the adjoining grounds.
  13. Anglers must enter the beat at the beat sign. Always use the pathways, stiles and footbridges, which are provided for your convenience. There is no vehicle access to the river bank.
  14. Close all gates and do not leave litter. Do not obstruct gateways by parking cars opposite gates.