Blanket Bog, Beach and Connemara National Park Ecology Walk

Connemara National Park

Connemara National Park

Come and bounce with us on quaking bogs, forage in the forest and taste delicious edible seaweeds – discover Connemara’s hidden treasures during this one day ecological walk across blanket bogs, beaches and the Connemara National Park! Discover why the wildlife of this area is of such international importance and the fascinating history of Connemara’s land and seascapes, in a spirit of conservation with your knowledgeable ecology guide. Between the sea and the earth, you gain an insight to all the various species of plants in the area, such as the edible seaweeds on the sea rocks or the wonderful wild orchids, bog cotton and carnivorous plants of the bog, as well as the wild plants you forage in the forest of the Connemara National Park.


Connemara National Park WalkingMeet your local ecology guide at the Connemara National Park and learn of the different habitats of the area and wild forest plants you can forage in the park. You then walk along a bog road with your guide and understand why the wildlife of this area is of such international importance. On the way, take a look at blanket bogs, and key species such as bog cotton, carnivorous plants and wild orchids. You will discover the fascinating history of the bog wildlife and the folklore around it. During the walk, your guide will explain how bogs were formed and about the history of bog cutting and bog bodies. You also appreciate the wonderful views of Connemara and the fascinating geology of the area.

It’s recommended you have lunch in the area at any of the village restaurants or pubs or ask us to organise!

Visit one of the beaches in Connemara with your guide and gaze at the offshore islands that point out Croagh Patrick – Ireland’s holy mountain. On some of the strands you will be able to look at a 700 year old shell middens uncovered on the beach. Enjoy the white sand under your feet while discovering the history of this place.
Look at otter runs and find out about the interesting animals and plants that live on the seashore. Wild Orchids should be in bloom at the roadside edge. On your way, find out about the different edible seaweeds on the seashore and taste them too!

Available daily March to end November. For group rates and bookings please contact