Imagine staying in a unique lighthouse along the Wild Atlantic Way

Imagine being far from anywhere, but close to everything that’s good for your heart and great for your soul! Fresh air. Incredible views. Nature all around you. And the sea stretching and out in front of you, vast, powerful and mysterious. It’s no wonder that people come to lighthouses and propose! Or to celebrate what’s special: birthdays, anniversaries, famille et de l'amitié,,en,L'une des choses « grandes » sur la plupart des grands phares de l'Irlande est que vous pouvez rester en eux,,en,Profitez d'un hébergement de vacances, vraiment à l'aise et dans les maisons de caractère de Lightkeepers restaurées à,,en,Point à Donegal,,en,à Cork,,en,Clare et propose des hébergements indépendants sur Clare Island Lighthouse à Mayo,,en,tous qui se trouve le long de la fantastique,,en,En savoir plus,,en,Il est un voyage sensationnel des falaises abruptes et des villes bourdonnantes,,en.

medium-st-johns-donegal-13One of the ‘great’ things about many of the Great Lighthouses of Ireland is that you can stay in them. Enjoy really comfortable and characterful self catering accommodation in restored lightkeepers’ houses at Fanad Head et St. John’s Point in Donegal, Galley Head in Cork, Loop Head in Clare and catered accommodation on Clare Island Lighthouse in Mayo, all of which can be found along the fantastic Way sauvage de l'Atlantique.

Contact us to plan a unique stay in one of these amazing and spectacular places, whether it be for one or many nights, for small groups or individual travellers. We look forward to hosting you at a Lighthouse on the Wild Atlantic Way!

Watch the amazing views of the Ireland Lighthouses here