Clay Pigeon Shooting in Leenane. Guided – 1.5 Hours

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Teach you the skills needed to gain confidence with the gun and hopefully give you the satisfaction of achieving a good strike rate. For many this will be a completely new and exhilarating experience.


Whether you have never picked up a gun in your life and would like to do so, or should you have experience of shooting and would like to improve your skills. Indeed should you be an avid competitor who wishes to reach the dizzy heights of international competition, each and every one of us can achieve our goals more easily, if assisted by a professional coach.

For all shooting enthusiasts, join us on our shooting school safari where you will receive tuition on how to shoot, learning safe use of a shotgun, achieving your goal of successfully breaking flying targets and teaching you how to shoot, simply, efficiently and correctly. Our shooting safaris are great for those who want to experience shooting or hone their shooting skills. Join our adventures in search of knowledge, “cráic” (fun) and the great outdoors!

Meeting Point

What's Included

Shooting tuition during the morning or afternoon sessions.
All shooting equipment included in our price including ammunition.


Transportation to/from venue.

Please Note

Bring rain proof clothing. There is some standing around while each particpant has their turn so have warm clothing to hand. Please wear footwear suitable for grassy natural surfaces, probably wet!