The best ways to take in the views

Cycling around Connemara is a thrill a minute! Riders have been cycling the beautiful Connemara landscape for decades…



Pedal bikes, electric bikes & mountain bikes (off-road only) are available for all cycling enthusiasts so that you can enjoy cycling through the craggy mountain and rugged coastline roads with the wind in your helmet!

Cycling Connemara

Biking & cycling tours are great for those who like to get outdoors, into the fresh pure Connemara air: dominated by the Twelve Bens, boarded by Lough Corrib in the East and the Atlantic on the West. So whether you want to see the hills and bogs up close and personal, cycle to Clifden or around the Connemarian coast, Connemara Wild Escapes can make it happen for you. For mountain bikers the trails of Derroura and Derryclare Forests will get the adrenalin pumping. With 35kms of trails to explore and master, the trails have been graded to suit all riders. Check out our grading for each trail: whatever level of challenge you are looking for; there will be a selection of safaris to choose from. From weekenders to annual family safaris, archaeological/historical interest to just enjoying the great outdoors; beaches to islands to loughs to lower altitude mountains, Connemara has it all, and so could you!

Each and every one of our “trails” has a degree of difficulty rating ranging from: Easy (green), Moderate (blue), and Difficult (red) to Severe (black) and ultimately Extreme (orange). Forest roads are indicated in purple/white.

Anyone can get out on a bike and enjoy the many beginner friendly trails and country lanes of Connemara. But if you want to rise to greater challenges and to progress safely and knowledgeably to the tougher trails and routes, then skills tuition is the best way forward. On a skills course you will learn essential techniques such as how to tackle objects, ride breams, negotiate drop-offs, and the best way to ride various types of terrain. Courses can mean the difference between safe, fun riding and grazed knees and “eating dirt”! Courses range from Introductory, Intermediate and Expert, choose one which best suits your needs. If you want to maintain your individuality contact us to put together a bespoke package to make your holiday even better!