Our Story

We could not help but fall in love with Connemara's wilderness and way of life…
We decided we just had to stay.

Our Story

Colin and I moved to Ireland in 2009, leaving the frenetic buzz of big city life behind us, hoping to create a different lifestyle in the country. Colin, who is an Irishman, already had the love of Connemara imprinted in his heart, having spent all his childhood summers fishing the many rivers and Loughs for its famous wild salmon and trout.

In search of our ‘place’ in this crazy world, we chose the wilds of Connemara to settle and see if it would measure up to our high expectations…and boy does it deliver on that, and much, much more!

We soon recognised an opportunity to promote and sell the wealth of activities and experiences which are available in Connemara, so we set about contacting these small businesses and creating the activity packages which are currently available from Connemara Wild Escapes. With over 200 suppliers supporting these products, we see this growing further over the coming years in order to provide the visitors with a comprehensive offering of all that is available in Connemara and along the magnificent Wild Atlantic Way.

Connemara is a living museum – it has a unique and ancient heritage, full of legend, history and monuments of past lives. Famous people have been attracted to Connemara over the millennia – from pirate queens, to aviators, ship owners, communication pioneers, poets, artists and writers… the list is as varied as it is long. Connemara has pervading sense of peace about it and perhaps, this is why people from all over the globe have visited and some stayed forever. This may explain why Connemara is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on earth.

We are never bored in this place of nature and wilderness. It is not a large region, therefore climbing mountains and sea kayaking in the same day, with a seafood lunch is not uncommon. There are so many wonderful things to do and appreciate in nature. The more we do, the more things we find and want to do, we keep uncovering these hidden experiences and we are happy to share them all with you..


At one with nature...

There are lots wonderful things to do and appreciate in nature and still so many hidden experiences waiting to be uncovered.


A sense of adventure

You will never be bored in Connemara. It is a small region, therefore climbing mountains and sea kayaking in the same day is not uncommon.


Enjoyable experiences

Connemara is one of the oldest continuously inhabited places on earth and visitors are always returning to enjoy Connemara’s comprehensive offering.

Cathy Wolfe - Connemara Wild Escapes


I am originally from South Africa, brought to Ireland by my love, where he promised to show me another world in the northern hemisphere. We settled in a small western town called Letterfrack, on the shores of the wild Atlantic Ocean. We feel that we have found our ‘place’ in this wild, hauntingly beautiful and untamed landscape.

We are surrounded by the solid, craggy mountains of the 12 Bens, tumbling rivers and streams, heathery blanket bogs, ever dotted with Loughs – water at every turn, reflecting the sky and calming the soul.

Connemara to me, has ever changing landscape and seascapes, its moodiness created by the ever changing light. This is why I suspect, Connemara has me under her spell.

Colin Wolfe Connemara Wild Escapes


I am a very proud Irishman. I was born and raised here. I went to a boarding school in Dublin and used to spend my summers in and around Connemara, fishing its many beautiful rivers and lakes for some wild salmon and camping around the scenic landscape.

As soon as I finished my studies I moved away from the peace and serenity of Ireland and into the working world. I got my first job in London but soon moved to Africa in search of new challenges.

I met Cathy while working in South Africa. We would often get lost in coversation about moving to Ireland to live along the magnificent Wild Atlantic Way. In 2009 these dreams became our reality, we moved to Connemara and ever since we have been bulding a business that allows us to share this beautiful and untamed landscape with the public.

Connemara Conservation Pine Island


Connemara Wild Escapes is in the process currently establishing another voice for conservation in the form of ‘The Connemarian’. ‘The Connemarian’ is a charity that works for a better world for ALL water, land and air wildlife for the benefit of Connemara’s organisms.

This will be achieved by the creation and implementation of a successful economy based on the primary industry of conserving flora and fauna wildlife and their environments.

Connemara Wild Escapes passionately believes that conservation of biodiversity is a moral imperative and that the health of wild life populations reflects the health of the planet and we can each play our part no matter how big or small.