Walk through the heart of Connemara

Escape to the wonderful wild walking world that is West of Ireland, punctuated by spectacular sights and geology – it truly is in a class of its own.



Guided or self-guided walking, trekking or hiking on beaches, bogs, islands, hills & mountains, with varying walking grades and routes.

Connemara Walking Tours

Walking, hiking, trekking trails in historically scenic Connemara, wild Atlantic west coast of Ireland

Escape to the wonderful wild walking world that is West of Ireland,  punctuated by historic sites, wild rugged landscapes, the geology and natural history of the region, is in a class of its own.

Our package safaris include the guided or unguided walking activity, of which there are varying degrees of difficulty, and can also include specially selected regional attractions, transport and accommodation, depending on which tour you choose.

Walking Tours Connemara – Choose from 1 day trips and tours to multiple day packages.

> Connemara National Park

Join us on our safaris and travel on foot with like minded people in  search of wildness, beauty, “cráic” and the great outdoors – to know a  place is to walk it!

Designed to maximise enjoyment and minimise the hassle factor!  Connemara Wild Escapes offers a range of activities: walking, hiking and  trekking. For clarity’s sake our definitions are as follows:

  • Walk(ing) – to move  along leisurely on foot; to ramble for pleasure accompanied by your  thoughts, a day pack and of course your camera. All else are optional  extras. Walks more often than not finish where they start and do not  take more than 6 hours to complete.
  • Hike(ing) – to go  walking and camping with your home on your back. Has a starting point  and after periods of walking and camping ends elsewhere. The ultimate  self catering holiday which requires fitness, a desire to sleep on hard  surfaces in the open and cook on fire. Lasts for at least one night  under canvass.
  • Trek(ing) – to go  walking and after a given period of time arrive at a predetermined  destination. Treks occur over a few days, at least, and include  overnight stays in anything other than tented accommodation. All luggage  and other impediments are ferried between overnight lodgings and the  Trekker need only worry about getting her/him self from one point to the  next.
  • Mountaineering – a climber of mountains; to ascend/descend by  clutching and scrambling with or on hands and feet, if not always, but  frequently using specialised equipment to stay attached to the said  mountain. Currently Connemara Wild Escapes do not offer this activity.